JU2603 Master´s Thesis in Investigative Journalism (15 hec)

The course requires the student to independently design and implement a scientific study. The student is responsible for outlining the research problem, formulating research questions, choose methods and collect, process and analyze theoretical and empirical material. The thesis work is carried out under the guidance of a supervisor appointed by the Department. The work is presented in writing, and the essay discussed at an examining seminar.

The essay should be large in scale and have a greater theoretical depth than a bachelor thesis. It shall be of a higher quality and be composed of a higher degree of autonomy, greater material, as well as a higher degree of theoretical complexity and analytical sharpness. The master thesis requires knowledge of methodology at advanced level.

  JU2603 study guide spring 19.pdf


The course starts with an introduction Friday 27 March, 10:15-12, room 203

Course coordinator: Jenny Wiik jenny.wiik@jmg.gu.se