Welcome to the course EU1141, Democracy and the European Union

The course will start the 22 February 2019. 

You will find the course syllabus to the left under Course information. Two weeks before the course starts, there will be a detailed course guide as well.


Contact us

Main instructor

Jonathan Polk, E-mail: jonathan.polk@gu.se

International coordinator

Angelica Thell, E-mail: exchange@pol.gu.se

Course Administrator

Mimmie Håkansson, E-mail: europa@pol.gu.se Phone: 031-786 4729

Visiting address:

Sprängkullsgatan 19, Göteborg, 4th floor

Postal address:

Box 711, 405 30 Göteborg, Sweden

For a transcript of records or registration go to the Service Center on the entrance floor of Sprängkullsgatan 19 or print them yourself through the Student Portal

For practical things related to the course please contact or visit Mimmie Håkansson in Room B449.


To be able to see all the pages in GUL, you must be registered on the course.