Welcome to the course homepage of DIT112 V18 Mini Project: System Development.

The course is given by the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Campus Lindholmen during Study Period 4, 2018. You find information about the course under "Course Information" in the menu to the left.

Course coordinator and Examiner

Ivica Crnkovic (ivica.crnkovic@chalmers.se)


Ivica Crnkovic (ivica.crnkovic@chalmers.se)
Michał Pałka (michal.palka@chalmers.se)
Gul Calikli (gul.calikli@gu.se)

Teaching Assistants

Dimitris Platis (dimitris@platis.solutions) (tutor)
Erik Laurin (erikgustavlaurin@gmail.com)
Shaun Mcmurray (gusmcmsh@student.gu.se)
Ameera Darwish (gusdaram@student.gu.se)
Anna Henryson (gushenanm@student.gu.se)
Pontus Laestadius (guslaepo@student.gu.se)
Karanveer Singh (guskaransi@student.gu.se)
Laiz Heckmann Barbalho de Figueroa (gushecla@student.gu.se)

Here is the group assignment to TAs:

Laiz, Karanveer: Groups 2, 5, 7
Pontus, Anna: Groups 1, 3, 8
Shaun, Ameera: Groups 4, 6, 9

Student representatives

Naief Jobsen (gusjobna@student.gu.se)
Hanien Kobus (guskobuha@student.gu.se)
Lucas Fredin (gusfredilu@student.gu.se)
Olivier Ryan Manzi Gatama (gusmanzol@student.gu.se)
Jacob Olsson (gusolsjai@student.gu.se)


Sprint 1: 26 March - 6 April (Sprint review 9 April)
Sprint 2: 9 April - 20 April (Sprint review 23 April, Mid-term demo)
Sprint 3: 23 April - 4 May (Sprint review 7 May)
Sprint 4: 7 May - 18 May (Final demo 21 May)


Initial requirement specification, project plan: 5 April (resubmission: flexible dates)

Draft project documentation and presentation slides: 18 May, 13:00

Final submission: 2 June

One day after every sprint review meetings day and the final demo:


Scheduled activities take place on Mondays at 8:15–12:00 from 19 March until 21 May. Please see the Course PM for details. 

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